Our expertises

Our business consists of a variety of expertises.

Asset Management: Wereldhave shopping centres are managed by Asset Managers. They are responsible for the operational activities within our shopping centres. Our Asset Managers work from the management offices located in the shopping centres. We strongly believe that close collaboration with our tenants leads to an increased success ratio, both short- and long-term.

Leasing: Our Leasing Managers are responsible for the commercial with current and potential retail partners. In order to get the best results, our Leasing Managers strives to create the best retail mix in Wereldhave's shopping centres which will generate higher visitor numbers and dwell time which in return will drive tenant sales.

Development: The development team, with Development Managers, Project Managers and Technical Managers,  is responsible for the small and large refurbishments within our shopping centres: developments of the centres for optimally gearing the quality to user demands and the timing of the investment to market conditions.

Finance: Our finance professionals are responsible for the project administration of the shopping centres. As a financial working at Wereldhave means supporting the business in efficiently executing projects within budget.

Legal: Legal knowledge is of the utmost importance in supporting the business with all activities of buying, selling properties and supporting the teams with the contracts with tenants and suppliers.

Marketing & Communications: This team is responsible for marketing and online marketing in our shopping centres.  

Our headquarters

In our headquarters located at Schiphol in the Netherlands, we have organised our corporate activities in the following expertises:

Finance, Treasury, Tax, Investor Relations, Investments, ICT, Human Resources & Sustainability, Legal

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inMidden Nederland

Wereldhave Management Holding
WTC Schiphol, Tower A, 3rd floor
Schiphol Boulevard 233, 1118 BH Schiphol
P.O. Box 75837, 1118 ZZ Schiphol  The Netherlands
E: humanresources@wereldhave.com (not for applications) 
T: +31 (0) 20 702 78 00


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