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Wereldhave invests in dominant convenience shopping centres in larger regional cities in northwest continental Europe. The area surrounding our centres will include at least 100,000 inhabitants within 10 minutes’ travel time from the centre.

We focus on shopping centres that strike a balance between convenience and shopping experience. With easy accessibility, products that cover all the daily shopping needs, a successful mix of international and local retail products and strong food anchor stores, our centres provide convenience shopping to accommodate a busy urban lifestyle as well as an ageing population.

We aim for an experience that goes beyond shopping, with restaurants, kids’ playgrounds and high quality amenities in order to attract families - and keep them with us for longer visits.

With targeted investments, Wereldhave focuses on making its shopping centres more attractive. This will generate higher visitor numbers and dwell time, which in turn will drive tenant sales. On the longer turn, this will enable Wereldhave to gradually improve rents, while controlling the service costs. A growing net rental income will then drive new investments and the cycle will repeat again.


Wereldhave focuses on convenience shopping centres in the Netherlands that are dominant in their catchment area. The Dutch shopping centre portfolio consists of nineteen shopping centres.

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Wereldhave Belgium focuses on convenience shopping centres with a dominant position in their catchment area and preferably have potential for further expansion. The Belgium portfolio consist of eigth shopping centres and six office buildings.

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Wereldhave’s French retail portfolio consists of six shopping centres. Two of the centres are located in Rouen. The other centres are in Le Havre, Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Argenteuil (Greater Paris).

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