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Wereldhave is a modern, listed real estate investment company. Wereldhave invests in dominant convenience shopping centres in larger provincial cities in northwest continental Europe. The area surrounding our centres will include at least 100,000 inhabitants within 10 minutes’ travel time from the centre.

We focus on shopping centres that strike a balance between convenience and shopping experience. With easy accessibility, products that cover 90% of shopping needs, a successful mix of international and local retail products and strong food anchor stores, our centres provide convenience shopping to accommodate a busy urban lifestyle as well as an ageing population.

We aim for an experience that goes beyond shopping, with restaurants, kids’ playgrounds and high quality amenities in order to attract families - and keep them with us for longer visits.

Organisational culture
Our core cultural values are Ambition, Entrepreneurship, Teamwork and Transparency.
Wereldhave is inspired by people who want to invest in themselves, their work and our company. In return we aim to be a good employer on all fronts by offering competitive financial rewards, providing a pleasant working environment, and stimulating and motivating our employees to reach their full potential.
We value an open and honest style and is interested in highly qualified people with good communication skills and a sound business orientation. Good written and spoken English language skills are a prerequisite for all positions.

Our headquarters are located in the WTC office at Schiphol, the Netherlands. The organisation of Wereldhave counts more than 200 employees in total. This includes our international offices in Belgium, Finland and France.
In the Netherlands we currently employ approx. 75 people in Wereldhave Management Holding and Wereldhave Management Nederland.

Training & Talent Development
Wereldhave encourages its employees to continue developing their skills both individually and as a team or group, through relevant training and courses. New job candidates will be assessed externally against the required competencies. Employees will be offered the opportunity to enroll for further individual training to develop themselves professionally. 

Young talent, “fresh from school”, can spread its wings at Wereldhave as well. Trainees are given the opportunity to join a new two year traineeship at Wereldhave Netherlands. If they complete the program successfully, they can move into a junior positon in one of our teams.
Would you like to work at Wereldhave, but are you currently still studying? Wereldhave also offers challenging internships. From time to time we have internships available for enthusiastic, fast learning and hardworking students, who would like to gain their first work experience within our company.

Recent jobs
inMidden Nederland
inMidden Nederland

Wereldhave Management Holding
WTC Schiphol, Tower A, 3rd floor
Schiphol Boulevard 233, 1118 BH Schiphol
P.O. Box 75837, 1118 ZZ Schiphol  The Netherlands
E: (not for applications) 
T: +31 (0) 20 702 78 00


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